About Intuitive Investments Group plc.

An attractive investment space

IIG seeks to provide investors with exposure to a portfolio of investments concentrating on fast growing and/or high potential life sciences businesses operating predominantly in the UK, continental Europe and the US.

The Board and the investment team have vast experience in working with, investing in, and providing meaningful exits for, life science companies. There are few situations that the team have not collectively experienced and dealt with. This collective experience covers hands-on board-level management, finance, commercialisation, research and development and operations, in addition to corporate finance activities across numerous investment rounds requiring managing every type of investor in both private companies and public markets.

The Board and Advisory Panel have the requisite skills to determine viable and investable life science companies that have the chance to grow and ultimately, create value by improving human health.

The Chairman has over 27 years experience working in diagnostics and life sciences, both privately and as a senior director of a number of listed companies

He ranks intuition as important as fundamental analysis when making investment decisions and it has served him well with a number of successful exits

Intuitive Investments Group presents an opportunity for investors to tap into this wealth of experience and that of the non-executive Board and Advisory Panel

Where does IIG focus?

Diagnostics and Healthcare

Medical Laboratory Testing
Digital Health and Data Analytics
Point of Care
Hospital Technologies

Medical Devices

Class I: Examination Tools, Simple Dressings

Class II: Implants, Ventilators, ICU equipment

Class III: Spinal Cages, Heart Valves, Joint repair

Tools and Technologies

Chemicals and Reagents
Cell culture and in vivo Testing
Characterisation and Analysis
Molecular Biology

Bio-therapeutics, Pharmaceuticals

Monoclonal Antibodies
Cellular therapies, Vaccines
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Investing Policy

In order to achieve its investment objective, the Company will invest in early and later-stage Life Sciences businesses. Investments are expected to be mainly in the form of equity and equity-related instruments, including convertible debt instruments in certain circumstances. Further detail of the Company’s investment objectives and process are set out in the Company’s AIM Admission Document.

The Company’s strategy is to invest in unquoted companies; however, it may also invest in companies whose shares are publicly traded. The Company may acquire investments directly or by way of holdings in intermediate holding or subsidiary entities. The Company might also invest in limited liability partnerships and other forms of legal entity. The Company will ensure that it has suitable investor protection rights, as determined by the Board. The Company may offer its Ordinary Shares in exchange for shares in investee businesses in addition to a cash investment in such businesses.

The Company, where appropriate and deemed by the Board to be in the Company’s best interests, may seek a position on Investee Companies’ boards. The Investment Team, where appropriate, will actively assist the board and management of Investee Companies, including helping to scale management teams, informing strategy, driving key performance indicators and assisting with future financing. Once fully invested, the Company’s portfolio is expected to comprise approximately 10 to 12 holdings. The Company intends to realise value through exiting the investments over time and will have no fixed investment period.

IIG was granted registration by the FCA as a small registered UK AIFM pursuant to regulation 10(2) of the AIFM Regulations, whereby the Company has been designated as an internally managed AIF.

Investment Restrictions

The Company will invest and manage its assets with the objective of spreading risk through the following investment restrictions:

• No investment or group of investments in the same company or group of companies will represent more than 15 per cent. of NAV;

• At least 50 per cent. of NAV will be invested in unquoted businesses;

• Up to 50 per cent. of NAV may be invested in publicly traded companies;

• Up to 30 per cent. of NAV may be invested in seed investment; and

• At least 70 per cent. of NAV will be invested in businesses which are headquartered in or have their main centre of business in the UK or wider Europe.

Each of the restrictions above will apply once the Company is fully invested and will be calculated at the time of investment. The Company will not be required to dispose of any investment or to rebalance the portfolio as a result of a change in the respective valuations of its assets post their acquisition

Our team

Decades of board level experience

Our board believe the application of “Intuition” is fundamental when making investment decisions – presenting an opportunity for investors to tap into this wealth of experience.