Investment Portfolio

Hui10 is a technology company with interests in two operating businesses in transforming the lottery on China.

Sanondaf and Touch-less Hygiene provide market leading specialist disinfection and decontamination services using Sanondaf application methods that do not have a harmful impact on the environment.

Pneumowave is developing an innovative respiratory platform for the early detection, prediction and prevention of adverse events for respiratory patients.

BioQ is a commercial stage medical device and Pharmaceutical company addressing the infusion drug market.

Momentum is developing a revolutionary rapid diagnostic test for patients suspected of sepsis.

TECL has a technology platform built around the process os electrospinning, a technique for production of micro and nano fibre biomaterials from a variety of polymers.

Ocutec has patented technology covering the formulation of novel contact lens products, contact lens solutions and injection moulding technology for rapid manufacturing.

Axol produces high quality human cell products particularly in relation to pluripotent stem cell and critical reagents such as media and growth supplements .

Cardinor is a Norwegian Biotech company commercialising the development of Secretoneurin, a new biomarker for cardiovascular disease.

Micrima specialises in radio frequency technology to improve early diagnosis of breast cancer and improving breast density measurement.